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1. Select the size of the cake (below are suggested adult serving sizes).

7'' Round  6-8 serves

7'' Square 10-12 serves

9'' Round 12-14 serves

9'' Square 15-18 serves

11'' Round 20-25 serves

11'' Square 25-35 serves

14'' Square 40-50 serves

2. Choose between vanilla sponge or chocolate sponge. Our birthday sponges come with fresh cream layers.

3. Choose a colour of the icing to go on top.

4. Choose between chocolate flakes, almond flakes or 100s & 1000s to cover the sides of the cake (other options available upon request).

5. Have a message written on top of the cake.

Example shown; 7'' Round, Vanilla Sponge, Pink icing, 100s&1000s Sides



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